Holy Oud Perfume

Long, long back, a traveller of history started his journey in search of perfection. He walked and climed miles and visited thousands of places to find answer for the very intricate question " How do you find your space in the world, how do you mark yourself in the history, be it tiny, but how is it done!? " a question answered in millions of ways was a mystery for him to find. He kept exploring, irrespective of region, culture and tradition. He met with many and visited much more. But an apt answer was nowhere to be found. He wanted to find a bit of holiness in him.Every man has a story of holiness, he believed. Holy is life. Sad and tired, a thought struck his mind. In his wide and long search, he could not remember much with the views he saw, but he definitely could close his eyes and remember the fragrance, the scent of each place. Every region, every culture, every person he came across carried a special scent and he could simply remember them by the smell. That was his answer to the quest, every life is a pilgrimage, to find the perfection, to mark their space, and every life is holy, a holy celebration of fragrance. For every aroma is existence, freedom and empowerment. What better than a line of intricate, sensible and luxury perfumes to bring holiness to you, each day and every day.
Holy oud is one long search to find the authentic, perfect and apt fragrant note to open those closed doors to your loved memories. We tried and failed manieth times, blew many of our time and efforts, but after never ending search found the perfect accords to the abundant world of perfumes, and named that invaluable search "Holy Oud".
HOLY OUD,  not another fashion statement, but that necessary gentleness the world is in search of. Holy oud is the one bold statement you wish to leave in a crowd,  it is the result of our deepest desire to entwine authenticity with luxury fragrance.


Celestial : World always fond of the purest form of fascination, when it comes to perfume, it is always best to leave fragrance with a celestial touch to its real form, to create one perfect blend of note and accords. Purest is celestially luxurious.

Delightful : A perfume is the key to own a smile, with the perfect one you create the gentlest smile, its always a delight to welcome smile, the gentlest is the one adorned with delightful fragrance.

Elegantly Economical : Time is gone, where it costs a moon to own your signature fragrance, with HOLY OUD, your signature fragrance can be economically luxurious too.